[RH First Listen] Jarred A.G.: “Play Around”

[RH First Listen] Jarred A.G.: “Play Around”


Jarred A.G. has been quietly working for the past year and a half to amass a strong catalog of music, he has been eager to release. During that time we heard tracks come from him and the Fifth Dimension Collective, piquing our interest for the up-and-coming local emcee. Now he is on the verge of releasing his debut project, The Luxury Tax EP, and comes through with the debut track, “Play Around” featuring Savemoney’s Dally Auston and produced by Jarred’s younger brother Smoko Ono. The smooth production picks up on a dope sample, adding mellow synths and some snappy drums to create the perfectly laid back base to flow over. Read on to learn more about the track and to catch a preview of our upcoming First Look on A.G.

RubyHornet: When was the track recorded and can you speak on the inspiration behind it?

Jarred A.G.: Play Around was recorded a couple months ago at LPeezy studios. Shout outs to Papi Beatz. Smoko first played the beat for me about half a year ago and mentioned how he wanted me to work with his friend Dally, this MC has was producing for, (go cop The Wood). The beat itself reminded me of a lazy Sunday morning in bed and that was the atmosphere I was trying to create on the song. Fast forward a couple months later and Dally came through to the studio, and we went right to work. After we heard it, it was like damn, we gotta do some more work together.

RubyHornet: How would you describe the collaborations that go on with artists from other sets then?

Jarred A.G.: It’s always good vibes. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with a lot of talented artists who all share the same passion for music that I do. The chemistry between Dally and I is natural, and he’s easy to work with. Smoko really brought us together through the music and we’ve continued to collaborate since. We’ve got a couple more tracks on deck. I don’t see the collaborations slowing down anytime soon.

RubyHornet: Any other Savemoney x FDC collaborations we should know about?

Jarred A.G.: There are a couple things in the works with Dally, which y’all will hear in the coming months. Shit is crazy, but I don’t want to give too much away. Shout outs to Ibn Inglor, Benny Nice, and Black Ralphy’L for doing their thing with us too, you can expect to hear some work with them very soon.


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