Review: Future Gives Us Trap & Blues with HNDRXX

It’s been a busy and buzzing week in hip-hop, but Future delivered HNDRXX as promised. HNDRXX is Future’s 2nd album in a literal 7 days. In case we needed more confirmation of his label woes, I think this timeline of releases proves what’s true and what’s false. Future’s HNDRXX album is a far cry away from the self titled album that dropped previously. HNDRXX is solidifying the sub-genre “Trap & Blues” and how only Future can open and close the door on it.

This album is definitely the one that lines up with Future’s Instagram post. Two things I thought of while listening to this album. Future really wants us all to know Ciara is not as “bad” or as good as we think or see she is. And Larsa Pippen has to have some of the best box Future has ever had in his life. The HNDRXX album is literally his mind on both of these women for at least 45 minutes of this album. The joy and the pain. The willing and the sacrifice. Track for track he puts it all out there and we the listeners just hope to connect the dots correctly.

Songs like “Use Me” “New Illuminati” and “Incredible” highlight his new love and how good he feels about it. It also confirms that Future be in Chicago on his “Russell Wilson” so he definitely needs to fall back on his slander towards the Star QB.

While songs like “Damage” “Turn On Me” “Testify” and “Fresh Air” lets you know Future isn’t quite settled on his previous relationships financially or emotionally. He also implies Ciara got a lot of game from him, got turned out and fell for a Lame. I’m just telling you what I interpreted through the music. Jodeci should be contacted to do the “Never Missa Lost” remix. It’s only right.

Future takes a shot at reaching the crossover world with collaborations with The Weeknd [“Coming Out Strong”] and a literally singing duet with Rihanna [“Selfish”]. These joints are for the new fans. I’ll say Rihanna and Future singing together is exactly what you think it sounds like.

The history books have already listed Future as the creator of “Trap & Blues” and the HNDRXX album confirms that. It’s kind of rap and it has an R&B vibe on some tracks. The subject matter isn’t that deep, but that’s not why Future excels in music. The musical depth on this project is unexpected and refreshing. This range of passionate emotions on soulful and somber beats will be praise by Future fans everywhere.


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