Review: Is Jidenna The New Chief In Hip-Hop?

It’s literally been years since “Classic Man” hit the airwaves, creating buzz for a well-dressed emcee named Jidenna. He brought an alternate sound, and a few slick bars, that the ladies and the fellas could rock to. It’s now 2017 and The Chief album is officially here. But, will hip-hop put Jidenna in charge?

The Chief  has a good balance of  rap and “Highlife”. I had to look up Highlife ’cause I honestly couldn’t put my finger on the sound. It was melodic, but not traditional throwback soul. I’ll admit, I’m not crazy about all the highlife moments on the album [“Adaroa”, “Little Bit More”, “Bambi”]. What I can say is, these will be the songs that ring off in car commercials and mixed clubs in the U.S and internationally. It’s what many people call “world music”It sounds good, I’m just not into it.

“Trampoline” is a song that will make the most sophisticated, classy woman want to thot for that special somebody. “Some Kind of Way” is a cheerful “f**k a hater” song that everyone will love. Both are great compliments to this album.

Jidenna has flow and bars. My favorite song on this album is “Long Live The Chief”. A year later and this still goes!

There is an official music video on his YouTube. “2 Points” & “A Bull’s Tale” are great displays of rapping. “White Ni**s” shows Jidenna’s socially aware lyricism. Jidenna can really rap, he’s just not rapping about the typical rap things. I don’t think the words “Bitch” or “Hoe” surface anywhere on the entire album. For a rap album with dope rap moments, that’s rare.

Jidenna’s The Chief is an album that is crafted to reach the masses. Much like Janelle Monae’s music, you can’t put this album in a box and promote it to a specific target audience. Anyone who is a fan of music and wants to break away from today’s overbearing wave will thoroughly enjoy it.

Jidenna has the musical ability to be Drake, Flo Rida or Pitbull with a Justin Bieber affect. The choice is all his. Jidenna probably won’t be recognized for being a dope emcee first, it’s unlikely he won’t be one of the biggest national artist if he stays focused. Definitely listen to Jidenna’s album, The Chief. You, your girl and everybody y’all know will love a song, or 4, off the album.

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