Hide Your Location With SafePlug

Protecting your personal data is very important when it comes to surfing the web because you never know when someone has access to it. One day, you’re living care free, and the next thing you know, someone has racked up charges on your credit card and might even know where you live. For those of you that want some form of privacy when surfing the web, Safeplug is here to fill that need. What Safeplug does is uses a service called Tor which routes your internet traffic through random locations so it’s next to  impossible to know where you are. The Safeplug helps protect your privacy, because when you enter a website they potentially can access your IP address. Set up is as easy as plugging the machine into your router, and set up only takes a few minutes. For more info on Safeplug, visit their website here.

[Via Safeplug]

Bobby Reys

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