PlayStation 4 outsold Xbox One in November

The official numbers are in, and it appears that the PlayStation 4 has outsold the Xbox One in North America last month. After more than a resounding 1 million units were sold in its first 24 hours, the PS4 ended up selling 2.1 million consoles last month across North America, Europe, and some Asian countries. Its highly successful launch netted Sony the largest console launch in history. On the same note, the PS4 was also the go-to console for software as the majority of November’s top-selling games were for the system.

However, while the PS4 sold the most consoles last month, Microsoft’s Xbox One was the fastest selling console in history, selling its 2 million units in eight days across the world, 900K of those units in North America. With a huge release in the Middle East this week, staggered releases across Asia over the next few weeks, and a final huge release in Japan in February, the PlayStation 4 is due for yet another big upswing in sales.

Which side have you chosen for this generation of gaming?

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