Protestors Continue to Rise and Revolt in Istanbul

Photos taken by VICE UK

In the face of oppression, clashes progress as protestors continue to rise and revolt against the government in Istanbul, Turkey’s largest city. In recent news, popular social media sites Twitter and YouTube were banned in the country as a “precautionary administrative measure” by Turkey’s telecommunications authority (T?B), stirring up plenty of controversy. And just this past weekend, Vice UK was able to capture photos of a rally created to demand justice for the death of Berkin Elvan, a 15-year-old boy who lost his life during the Gezi protests.

The protestors gathered in Istanbul’s Okmeydani neighborhood, an area known for it’s large Alevi population. And at their disruption, police responded with tear gas, water cannons, and gunfire. Unfortunately, a stray bullet fatally killed yet another citizen, Ugur Kurt, who was only there to attend a funeral nearby. The footage captured by Vice contains of graphic video of the incident, and include photos that are simply jaw dropping. Take a look and tell us what you gather from Turkey’s current situation.


Angela E. Mejia

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