Artwork by RH's Charles Farr

SuaveHaus is a trio comprised of Atlanta’s Abib Jahleel and J-Coop, with Boston’s Charmingly Ghetto. While meeting through the classic tones of producers Introspective Minds (Overstanding, Pimp Tight Playa), the three decided a Project was definitely a necessity. While all making appearances on our #OTTN project in March, CG decided to head to the “A” and link with two of the south’s rising lyricists.  This birthed SuaveHaus, who’s motto is somewhere between ridiculously vintage and the new classic era of Hip-Hop. The first single is “Airborne” which see’s Abib & CG on the mic as well as a feature from SuaveHaus affiliate Truth. Introspective Minds on the beat. You know the drill.  Be on the lookout for the self titled EP coming this July!