[Video] 175 Years of Photography

Film Photography by AngieStar Photo

Photo by AngieStar Photo In 1839, the world was enlightened with the invention of Photography, and today marks its 175th anniversary. In celebration, people from around the world are sharing some of their favorite photos, old and new, to honor… Continue Reading

[Through My Lens] A Journey Through the Coast of Big Sur

Big Sur, California by AngieStar Photo

Photos by AngieStar Photo The USA Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) is perhaps America’s most dramatic scenic drive. And along this coast is a region called Big Sur that lies along the Central Coast of California, and renowned as one of the best… Continue Reading

[Through My Lens] Femme Marinett

"Femme Marinett" by AngieStar Photo

Photos by AngieStar Photo In inspiration of the infamous literary archetype “femme fatale”, a mysterious and sultry woman who charms her lovers into compromising or dangerous situations, we created a seductive photo set I’ve titled Femme Marinett. In collaboration with talented make… Continue Reading