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[RH Interview] Meyhem Lauren: More Pressure

Meyhem Lauren loves turkey. I know this because I just spent last night binge watching episodes of “F*ck That’s Deicious”,

Watch The New Video For The DJ Muggs x MF DOOM Collab – “Death Wish” f/Freddie Gibbs

“All is fair in love, and lust, and lyrics.”  Last week I had the chance to interview DJ Muggs and

Meyhem Lauren and DJ Muggs Continue Their Streak with “Northern Blvd” Video

“I told’em, ‘that’s old shit’, they busy staring at my neck, looking at gold shit.” In 2017, DJ Muggs and

DJ Muggs

[Interview] DJ Muggs: Like Water

When DJ Muggs released his EP, Sound Clash Business, in mid October, I sent him a text saying how much

DJ Muggs

[Interview Snippet] DJ Muggs: “My Style Is Like Water”

“Muggs lets the funk flow.” Since the late 80’s, DJ Muggs has been shaping and then re-shaping sounds, first and

B-Real: More Than High Hopes


 “I’ve done the platinum records, I’ve done the gold records, it would be great for it to achieve that. Am I expecting that?  No,” B-Real says about his expectations for his solo album, Smoke N’ Mirrors, coming soon on Duck Down Records.  It’s hard to believe that after nearly 20 years as a Hip Hop artist, it is only now that B-Real is readying a solo record.  While some may have expected B-Real to lean on DJ Muggs, the producer who ushered in a new sound along with B’s nasally voice, B-Real purposefully decided to do the full LP sans any beats from one of Hip Hop’s best producers. 

“I needed to set the tone of my solo record and put it on my back.  With that I had to stay away from any sound that would have been compared to Cypress Hill at all,” B-Real said. “I had to take the challenge and do it without him.  His tracks are hot.  He’s one of the greatest producers in Hip Hop, and one of the most underrated at that, but I had to take the challenge by producing some of the stuff myself, by going to other producers who would give me a sound that’s not at all in anyway like the Cypress Hill sound.” 

Cypress Hill’s sound is one that not only stood out for it’s uniqueness, but also it’s ability to reach a wide audience. The labels that came with it, and claims that Cypress Hill sold out are all topics of discussion in this exclusive interview with B-Real.  Read on as he also speaks on the hidden keys to his success, and the nasally voiced super group that never was.