Vic Mensa performs private show for Summer of Collaboration

Vic Mensa

Summer of Collaboration presented by AT&T partnered with Vic Mensa for a private show at Chicago’s AT&T Michigan Ave store with street photographer Vivian Maier’s. Maier was street photography’s best kept secret. Maier worked as a nanny in the Chicago suburb… Continue Reading

[RH First Look] NoNameGypsy

Despite what she might want, if you’ve been following the Chicago music scene as of late, you’ve certainly heard of NoNameGypsy. The 22-year-old hip-hop artist made a name for herself in April with her featured verse on Chance The Rapper’s… Continue Reading

[RH First Glance] Taylor Bennett

Alright, let’s get it out of the way. Yes, Taylor Bennett’s brother is Chance. Yes, that Chance; the rapper. With that out of the way we can get on to more important aspects of Taylor Bennett’s life, such as his… Continue Reading

[Video] The Save Money Christmas Cypher + New Songs

Few collectives in music had a bigger rise in overall reputation than Chicago’s Save Money team. In honor of a 2013 that saw projects from Vic and Chance, as well as Brian Fresco’s Mafioso, a Save Money compilation and a… Continue Reading

Top Chicago Rappers of 2013

Chicago hip-hop has enjoyed a certain popularity increase over the past couple of years. Where 2012 saw the rise of Chief Keef and “Drill”, 2013 brought about a new flavor as listeners from across the country, initially hooked by the… Continue Reading