Life in the Largest Vertical Slum in the World

Tower of David by Iwan Baan

Photos by Iwan Baan For almost 20 years in the center of Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, stands an unfinished 45-story skyscraper, known as the Tower of David (Torre de David). Unfortunately, the building was plagued with misfortune since early construction. First the developer… Continue Reading

Former Miss Venezuela in Photographic Campaign for Human Rights

Photos by Daniel Bracci In reaction to high inflation, shortages of basic goods and a fragile economy in Venezuela, clashes continue to ensue between the socialist president’s forces and opposition protesters, and it’s been going on for weeks. In sight of… Continue Reading

Protests Intensify in Venezuela

Protests in Venezuela

Photos by Rodrigo Abd/AP/Corbis In recent days, nationwide protests have intensified in Venezuela leaving fatalities and many injured. While demands of demonstrators vary from economic to social, much of this news is kept from international popular media. As much of the… Continue Reading

Venezuela’s Most Dangerous Prison

When you translate Vista Hermosa to English, it means beautiful view. It’s funny that the name was given to one of Venezuela’s most dangerous prisons where the inmates control the inside and have created their own society. These prisoners took… Continue Reading