[SXSW 2016] Tumblr to Host Feminism-Themed Night

Tumblr is returning to SXSW 2016 Music with an entirely new Feminism-themed event this year that’s certainly catching a lot of buzz. In effort to highlight gender inequality in the US Wage Gap, their event, 79 Cents, will headline Jhené Aiko, Tacocat, Little Simz, and Empress Of, a full lineup of almost entirely female musicians, “feminist art installations”, and even a guest appearance from former Texas state senator Wendy Davis. (Davis shot to national renown in 2013 when she staged an 11-hour filibuster to block a bill heavily restricting abortion in the state.) A SXSW event filled with nothing but strong female voices, for sure.

At the 2015 festival, Tumblr occupied four full days of performances and collaborative visuals at the Ironwood Hall, not only bringing together an array of great musicians but creating an overall art filled experience. When asked about such a change in focus in this year’s event, Tumblr’s head of music, Nate Auerbach, stated “We’re celebrating the female voice in many contexts.”, leaving much to anticipate.

The event is being held on March 16th, at 9pm, at the Historic Scoot Inn, and you can RSVP here.

Tumblr SXSW 2016

Angela E. Mejia

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