[Video] Make Exercising Fun With The Goji Play

With the holiday season upon us, it’s easy to just overindulge in all the good food and treats that we forget that there’s this thing called exercise. After a length of absences, it can be kind of difficult to get motivated to get back into the routine of things, and that’s what Goji Play wants to change. It’s a lot easier to stay on the couch and play video games, and with the Goji Play, you can turn your workouts into a video game.

Essentially, the Goji Play is a pair of controllers that lets you play via wireless sensors that monitors your activity while you work out. With an accompanying iPad app, it turns your once boring cardio machine into a video game. Check out the video below. For more information on the Goji Play, head on over to Blue Goji here.

[Via BlueGoji]

Bobby Reys

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