[American Idol-izer] Top 9 Perform

[American Idol-izer] Top 9 Perform: Part 1

Daniel Seavey

Since Daniel was the first to get through, and knowing that meant I’d have to say goodbye to someone I actually like, I was already against him. I did give him a chance since he tried Hall and Oates’ “You Make My Dreams” work as I’m always a fan of more Hall and Oates on these singing shows. But I’m sad that Daniel had to be the one to do it. You know how elderly Daryl Hall sounds a bit raspy and awesome because his voice has slightly decayed through the years? Imagine that voice but without the coolness and you’ve got Daniel’s wonky performance.

Quentin Alexander

With his pitch troubles, I was extremely nervous when I heard Quentin was taking on Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight.” Turns out I was half-correct about this. The highly technical song might have been too much for Quentin, and it seems like it got away from him a bit. But his performance was just as sexy and stylish as always. Harry remarked that he’d like to hear something uptempo from Quentin, but I’m afraid of what would happen. When he sang “Master Blaster” he nearly went home, so without the save he could go home for good this time if Quentin fudges a faster song again. Boy George loved him though so who cares, really?

Also, I loved his outfit this week. Those shoes!

Joey Cook

When I saw her walk out on stage during the Idol opening number, I just knew she was taking on a Cindi Lauper song. And after hearing she was singing “Girls Just Want to Have Fun,” I was secretly hoping she’d kind of ape that version made famous on Glee and slow it down and really get into it. But Joey couldn’t quite get into the groove. She looked like she was having fun, and the imagery was awesome, but her vocal didn’t quite gel with her energy. The song was a good fit for her voice. But I’m sure she’ll make it to next week anyway.

Tyanna Jones

After Tyanna had her first rough week, she reminded me she was still a 16 year old. Sometimes I forget because of how stupidly talented and confident she can be, but while singing Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody,” the critiques from last week might have gotten to her. She was uncomfortable and it had a negative effect on her performance overall. The usually happy Tyanna was noticeably holding back. Harry told Tyanna not to get complacent and now I kind of understand why. If Tyanna gets scared away from bigger songs, she might put herself in a rut and get sent home. I hope that doesn’t happen.


Once I heard Jax’s arrangement of Bon Jovi’s “You Give Love a Bad Name,” I figured the judges weren’t going to like it. And they did not. The balance between her and the band was completely off as it drowned out the vocals and sounded more like a performance you’d see on The Voice. From what little I could parse out, this performance was sexy, slick, and cool. It was a nice piano arrangement that had a few intricacies completely skipped over because of everything else. I wonder how this would’ve been if it had just been the piano? Jax’ll definitely get that chance next week.

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