Nick’s Top 10 Pop Songs of 2014

1. "Chandelier" - Sia

If there’s one song that wore out the virtual play button on my iTunes player last year, it was Sia’s “Chandelier.” I hadn’t heard of Sia before this song debuted (although I do remember her singing on David Guetta’s Titanium track), and I have no idea why I’d gone so long. This song is damn fantastic. Powerful vocals (that crack in her voice during high notes is sublime) that don’t sound worse live, and a non-pop sound make it so unique. It just burst on to the scene and stood out far more than any other pop song this year. Also, that video is just the best. Chandelier made me want to go out and buy the rest of Sia’s years long discography. What other pop song can say that?

Nick Valdez

Nick Valdez is a second rate beauty queen who's dreaming of the bar scene. From graduating college, finding Bigfoot (by taking off his shoes), to writing about movies, he's been looking for that one special thing. Or cute girls. Whatever comes first, really.

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