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I Want To Play Your Music at Digital Freshness!

Digital Freshness happens 1.24.19 at The Empty Bottle featuring Open Mike Eagle, Ness Heads, Fess Grandiose, DJ Ca$h Era, and DJ RTC.

RH Interview: Andrew Barber Talks FakeShoreDrive At 10 and Much More

The first time I met Andrew Barber  (fuck, 10 years ago!) I couldn’t wait for him to shut up and

Mikkey Halsted

[Interview] Mikkey Halsted: All or Nothing

Mikkey Halsted knows plenty about patience.  The veteran emcee is still waiting on his major label debut, a puzzling occurrence

Mikkey Halsted

Mikkey Halsted Speaks On New Music and Outlook

“It’s not about signing the deal,” Mikkey Halsted tells me, sitting comfortably at SoundScape Studios.  Mikkey is in town for

Closed Sessions Vol. 1 EP

Closed Sessions

This is my favorite blog post I’ve ever written… Working with artists to create new music, new ideas, and new contributions to Hip Hop culture is something I’ve always wanted to do as a writer and a DJ. So, while the first Closed Session happened in June with Curren$y, this EP has really been years and years in the making…

Closed Sessions Vol. 1 is available for free download. The free EP includes 9 original songs as well as 5 interludes, liner notes containing the story behind each track as well as individual artwork for each song, and links to each Closed Sessions video giving fans a look at the recording process.

We’re all very happy and eager to share the full EP, that could not have been done without everyone at RubyHornet, Closed Sessions, SoundScape, as well as the readers, artists, managers, promoters, and others who helped make connections happen.  Please download the EP, digest the liner notes, go back and watch the videos, and most importantly… enjoy!

[Download] Closed Sessions Vol. 1 

Mikkey Halsted: Chicago The Photo Album Preview

Mikkey Halsted














Mikkey Halsted hit Atlanta over the weekend and put together this video preview of his proper debut album, Chicago The Photo Album.  Here he puts the spotlight on “Rebel To America”, a song that we first heard last summer in Mikkey’s first Freestyle In The Park.  Get a refresher below…According to AB, the album is going to drop in September, but no one is sure for certain that will be the case.  What is for certain is that Mikkey will be in Atlanta with the RH crew headlining SMKA’s and The Come Up Kids’ new monthly event, Perfect Attendance.  It’s a dope new concept driven showcase, and you’ll get more info shortly.  For now, check out the preview below. 

RH TV: Truck North, Big Pooh, Mikkey Halsted Freestyle In The Park

Truck North, Mikkey Halsted, Big Pooh

You read it right, we got these three mean emcees together for a “Closed Session” session, and afterwards took it outside for a Freestyle In The Park.  Truck North and Big Pooh set it off, before our hometown cat, Mikkey Halsted takes things to a whole other level.  I think you’ll notice his face snarl up about half through…just watch and you’ll see what I’m talking about.  Fierce!

RH TV: Mikkey Halsted’s Internet on Lock ft Boogz & DJ RTC


Here’s some more footage from Mikkey Halsted’s Internet on Lock event.  In this clip, Boogz plays some beats, and RTC cuts it up.  Check it out below. 

RH Photos: Mikkey Halsted Internet On Lock

Mikkey Halsted x Ruby Hornet

On January 20th, we teamed up with Uncrowned City to host Mikkey Halsted’s Internet On Lock Party. The event featured performances and appearances by Mic Terror, Boogz, Que Billah, Nick N Beans, Mick Luter, SC, and many more. No ID was in the building, RTC and Toure were on the decks, and as always, Benny Rocs has the pics to prove it.

DJ RTC: “Swagger Like Chi” feat. Naledge, MarVo, Really Doe, Bump J, Mikkey Halsted, & GLC

Chi Swag cover


Swagger Like Us” hit the internet a few weeks ago and has become a monster smash.  Kanye West, Jay-Z, Lil’ Wanye, and T.I. all delivered on the biggest posse cut in years, and the infectious beat has been tackled by emcees nationwide. Shortly after the track’s release, I was able to get my hands on an instrumental, which I emailed to Mikkey Halsted, jokingly asking him to shout me out if he decided to go in on the beat.  A few days later Really Doe came through the RH office and told us about his experience with the beat, and a futile attempt to land it for his American 2 Fresh debut.  We pitched him the idea of jumping on the track with Mikkey and he was down.  More importantly, the wheels were in motion.  We quickly hit up Naledge, who was in town gearing up for Kidz In The Hall’s tour with Murs, he was in as well and “Swagger Like Chi” finally had some legs.  We enlisted GLC for the final slot, called Michael Kolar at SoundScape Studios and booked a recording session…