[RH Premiere] Netherfriends: "Shrooms Freestyle" (feat. Chandler London)

Netherfriends' evolving Kind of Buzzed concept has been pretty popular, attracting a good mix of musicians and acclaim, demonstrated by Netherfriends' in-store performance at Jugrnaut earlier this month for the Kind of Buzzed vol. 5 recording. Back in July, Netherfriends recorded Kind of Buzzed vol. 3 in the Kimball House backyard alongside Chandler London, Grade Aplus, and Cody DeCamry.

Today, we're premiering the first release from that recording, "Shrooms Freestyle" with young Chandler. With the established concept of Netherfriends' improvised instrumentation paired with rappers' freestyles, an extra element was introduced: psilocybin mushrooms. While Chandler was under the influence (kind of buzzed, so to speak) at the beginning of the song, you can hear the effect the shrooms had on his freestyle. Say what you will about illicit drug use; it's still impressive for the musicians function enough to rap at the level they were able to for Kind of Buzzed vol. 3.

Netherfriends will be performing at the Subterranean tonight alongside indie bands When Clouds Attack and The Octopus Project. Tickets for the show can be bought here. The Summer of Netherfriends is preparing to close out with a bang, so continue paying attention.




[RH Premiere] Netherfriends: "Ode to Joy Freestyle" (feat. Chandler London)

The Summer of Netherfriends continues with a mastered (!) version of Chandler London's and Netherfriend's "Ode to Joy Freestyle" from the latter's live recording of Kind of Buzzed vol. 2 at Cafe Mustache last month. Chandler's talent for free word association is demonstrated to its fullest on this song. Chandler's vocals are backed up by a very funky, synth-heavy beat from Netherfriends.

You can listen to "Ode to Joy Freestyle" below, and if you're daring enough, you can check out the cinema verite live footage I shot of the performance. (Trust me, the mastered version is a lot better than the video, haha!)


[RH Video Premiere] Netherfriends: "Summer Sex" (feat. Auggie the 9th)

This week has been a hot one all across the country. It's hard not to step outside without becoming a moist mess. All of that sweat and dirt isn't a good look. But hey, why fight the weather when you can throw some sexual shenanigans into the mix? The aptly titled "Summer Sex" by recent music sensation and Pitchfork alumni Netherfriends and rap game superstar Auggie the 9th was featured on the former's hip hop album, New CHI-t.

The two teamed up with video vet (and LOD brother) FragD films to deliver a music video that definitely won't help with the heat. Glimpses of tantalizing, soft-focused lady silhouettes are contrasted by side profiles of Auggie and Netherfriends as they vocalize their support for some summer sex. This is one of FragD films' best videos to date.

The video drops just in time for Pitchfork goers to prepare for the weekend and sweaty couples to get even sweatier.  Don't fight the heat; just give into the most carnal of desires and let Auggie the 9th's and Netherfriends' smooth melodies and deep baritones be your soundtrack for the moment...s.



[RH Premiere] Cadillac Duke: "Know" (prod. by Khalfani)

"All I want to is to know know know know know know what it is you want to know know know know" raps the LOD rapper, Cadillac Duke. What I want to know (know know know) is when we can get some more from the Chicago implant originally from the mean streets of Flint, Michigan. Four months after his debut EP, FVCK$KVLLS, Caddy answers back with "Know," produced by Impolite Society's Khalfani.

While FVCK$KVLLS hinted at some of Caddy's past, "Know" delves a bit deeper into some of the demons that he faced a lifetime ago. Privately, Caddy and I have spoken a bit about his past, and the stories he has to share, if he ever decides to go down that path, would craft an interesting narrative that shapes and shares exactly who Cadillac Duke is. This lyrical appetizer is paired very well with a haunting beat by Khalfani that a perfectly complements Caddy's bars.

"Know" should serve as a sample of what to expect out of Cadillac Duke in the months ahead.

[RH Premiere] Chandler London: "TheDrug3.3"

While Chandler London made an appearance on Netherfriends' New CHI-t recently, it's been awhile since we've had a solo drop from the Science of Sleep rapper. Chandler's simply kept his head down in order to get everything straightened away for his next mixtape, Requiem for a Dream. However, he hit us up with some new new to remind everybody what he's capable of.

"TheDrug3.3" features Chandler rapping on Theophilus London's "The Drug," remixed and reproduced by OH!Quinn. Don't be fooled by the song's optimistic-sounding beat; Chandler is still just as self-reflective in "TheDrug3.3" as he was in the majority of the songs off of The Science of Sleep. Most rappers like to flex on others or build their bravado up; Chandler, on the other hand, would rather be open and honest in his music, even if that honesty might not portray him in the best light.

Considering the themes and content in Darren Aronofsky's Requiem for a Dream, which analyzed various forms of addiction, Chandler's Requiem for a Dream should be just as dark in tone. In saying that, "TheDrug3.3" serves as an upbeat song to bring you up before the onslaught of Requiem songs drop to take you to your dark place. Get ready, because 2013 will be Chandler London's year.

[RH Premiere] #100Trill: "Aye Bitch" (feat. Truth G)


Over the weekend, Grade Aplus tweeted, "We got the most ignant shit for [you] to ride to work to on Monday..." He said it, not me: this new #100Trill track, "Aye Bitch," embraces the "ignance" right from the beginning of the song with MikeJaxx setting the tone with the first bar of "Aye bitch, that pussy goooood." Grade and Jaxx, joined by Truth G, are very obviously having fun, which has been a common theme throughout each of the #100Trill songs that have been released thus far ("'93" and "Chain Clean"). There's a time and place for everything, as both Grade and Jaxx have shown with their previous work, and #100Trill shows that there is time to just cut loose and be ignant.

RH Premiere: Julian Malone: "Pair Of Dice" + CS Video

It has been a minute since we've heard from Julian Malone, but today, the 2008ighties member is back with a special treat for his fans. He's given us the green light to drop his new record, "Pair Of Dice," which was recorded at Soundscape Studios for Closed Sessions. The CS team also made sure to document the event and put together a quick video recap of what went down the day this track was recorded.



[RH Premiere] Netherfriends: "Kind of Buzzed vol. 1"

Yesterday, we brought you a taste of Netherfriends' next project, Kind of Buzzed, with the lo-fi video for "Kimball House Freestyle." Inspired by Miles Davis' album, Kind of Blue, Netherfriends' project, "Kind of Buzzed," features full instrumental improvisation with rap freestyles from Blakkass Westley, Chandler London, and Rich Jones. Beats were made using a drum pad, analog synthesizer, guitar, vocals, and MPC ran through a couple loop pedals. The first track features Danimal THA CHOPPA on MPC. The last track features Otherly on drum pads.

The project is ambitious and very experimental, but it all comes from a genuine love for music and the spirit of creating something organically and collaboratively instead of going through the regular processes. It's different, but I think it's the kind of difference that's needed to shake things up a bit, or to at least introduce a new way of creating music. I hope everybody enjoys the concept Kind of Buzzed is portraying, and await any potential future volumes that will follow.