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[RH Premiere] NiQ: “Be Honor’d”

NiQ is an up and comer from Ohio, but shows love to Chicago in this new RH Premiere, “Be Honor’d”.

[RH Video Premiere] eGo: “Ridin’ Round” feat Chance The Rapper

eGo and Chance hit the lick when they came together to make “Ridin’ Round” in June of 2012. After staying

Nick Astro

[RH Premiere] Nick Astro: “Scarlett Johansson”

Nick Astro is finishing up his forthcoming SUPER16 project. Before the mixtape is released, he has one last drop in


[RH Video Premiere] theWHOevers: “How I Do”

“That bang bang, and we back to that romance.” theWHOevers made our list of artists that killed it in 2012


[RH Album Premiere] Saba: GetCOMFORTable

One of the best rookies of 2012 has got to be Saba of the PIVOT Gang.  He came on fairly

J. Arthur Worthwhile Beat Tape

[RH Premiere] J. Arthur: Worthwhile Beat Tape

It seems like the stars have aligned for J. Arthur of theWHOevers, with this rainy Saturday providing the perfect setting

Mig Mora

[RH Album Premiere] Mig Mora: Music For The End of The World

Over the last couple months, we’ve been giving you tracks from Mig Mora’s Music For The End of The World. 

[RH Premiere] ProbCause: “3 Course Meal” feat Action Bronson & Chance The Rapper

“Nothing better than smoking weed in a Cadillac.” Last year, ProbCause stopped by our Closed Session with Action Bronson, the

Cadillac Duke

[RH Video Premiere] Cadillac Duke: “Smooth”

Growing up in Flint, Michigan, you can be faced with a series of different situations where keeping your cool is

[RH Premiere] ShowYouSuck: “Pop Yo Pizza” (prod by Thelonious Martin)

“Everything is kosher, I do it for my culture.” ShowYouSuck’s #OMPP3: Rest In Pizza, drops on Friday.  Before the new

Closed Sessions: “Heads of The Heads” feat Freddie Gibbs and GLC (prod by Tony Baines)

Heads of The Heads

With two weeks left before the 3.15 release of Closed Sessions: ATX, we bring the third song from album, “Heads Of The Heads” featuring Freddie Gibbs, GLC, and production from Tony Baines.  This record was actually the first one recorded during our four days in Austin.  It was a hectic day, as just hours before this session was supposed to start, we had to go out to the middle of nowhere to pick up the equipment from SSL that should have reached the house two days earlier.  Mike was still finalizing the ins and outs as we headed to the hotel to pick up Freddie Gibbs.  Everything was setup, and Scheme gave the booth a test run right before we reached the mansion with Freddie Gibbs ready to record.  GLC had just gotten into town, and came directly to the house.  This was also the first piece of production that we played.  It was fitting that the man behind the beat was Tony Baines, who produced our first ever Closed Sessions record, “Rapper Weed” by Curren$y.

Freddie and GLC talked and went over the direction of the record when GLC rapped the chorus, “this will go over the heads of the heads…”  It is a concept that we’ve talked about in the past, and his feelings that “Hip Hop Heads” don’t, can’t, or sometimes just won’t relate to Hip Hop classified as gangsta rap or stories from the streets.  The ironic thing is that both GLC and Freddie Gibbs are embraced heavily by “Hip Hop Heads”, who at the end of the day, care much more about the quality of the music than the subject matter in the songs.  It’s not always what you say, but many times, how you say it.

You can download the song below.  Closed Sessions: ATX is in stores 3.15.11 via Closed Sessions and Decon Records.  Join us 3.17.11 as we celebrate the release with an Austin edition of Digital Freshness (RSVP HERE).

Just Me And My Flip: Warm-Up Session With Rhymefest


“Yeah I gotta cold heart, Crucial Conflict man”

Rhymefest has pretty much finished work on his sophomore album, El Che. With the new LP wrapped up, Fest has teamed up with DJ RTC for The Warm Up, a mixtape to get fans ready for El Che. Last night RTC went to Che’s crib to go through some music. One song that came up was “What You Might Miss”. Check it out and look for the mixtape coming soon.