[Video] Closed Sessions: ‘The Making of Innanetape’

Vic Mensa

Vic Mensa has been getting press for days since releasing his re-debut to the world as a solo artist, Innanetape, released at the beginning of the month. Since then, he’s traveled around the country touring with J. Cole and Wale,… Continue Reading

[Closed Sessions] Blu: “Comfy In The Truck” (prod by DJ Babu)


Our Closed Session with Blu took place in February of 2011.  Blu was at work on his major label debut, NoYork!.  After building a substantial underground following, releasing an undeniable underground classic, and doing whatever he wanted musically, Blu was… Continue Reading

[Closed Sessions] Ninjasonik: “How We Treat’em” feat M$M & Hollywood Holt


We recorded this session during Pitchfork 2010, during a hectic Friday afternoon.  The night before we had our first Digital Freshness at Beauty Bar with Freddie Gibbs, and this sessions was actually set up around 3AM after the bar closed… Continue Reading